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Hunikum :: Resellers

Hunikum always welcome new resellers, dealers and distributors. If you are interested in being a distributor for Hunikum in your country, please reach out to us or sign up at our webshop. We offer a remarkable discount off the end user price for our distributors.

New products TOURISTIC PRODUCTS Hunikum Figures Hungarian Horseherd (90mm) -------------------- MINIATURES Hunikum HU-Figures 1/35 scale 90mm The Bodi TB-Figures 1/35 scale 1/48 scale TB-Busts 1/9 scale 1/10 scale TB-Armor accessories 1/35 scale 1/48 scale TB-Bases square TB-Aircraft accessories 1/72 scale Corpus C-Figures 1/35 scale 1/48 scale 54mm MIKE's world Caricatures 1/10 scale SBS Model SBS-Aircraft accessories 1/48 scale 1/72 scale SBS-Armor accessories 1/35 scale 1/48 scale SBS-Aircraft Decal 1/48 size 1/72 scale SBS-Armour Decal 1/35 scale Limes Model LIM-Diorama accessories 1/35 scale 1/48 scale 1/72 scale LIM-Armor accessories 1/35 scale 1/48 scale LIM-Aircraft accessories 1/144 scale Z63 Riveting tool 1/24 size 1/32 size 1/48 size 1/72 size MXPression DVD step by step Miniman Factory MMF-Figures 1/35 scale PK-Tinyland PKT-Aircraft accessories products

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